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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander experiences and perspectives are too often silenced from history classes across Australia. Change starts when we Learn Our Truth

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“We only learn just a tip of the iceberg and not the whole story. I think that all Australians should learn about our past and this should be a top priority within the curriculum”.

— Waanyi young person

“At the time I felt like that’s just the way life is, society and my school proved that my people’s history wasn’t worth teaching”.

— 21 year old, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young person

“I hate when they say no one was here before colonisation, made me not want to learn in that class”.

— Aboriginal young person


For many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people this is how it feels to learn about Australian history.

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When First Nations History was taught accurately young mob reported:

“Connected, it felt good knowing my peers would learn and see life through my peoples' eyes and the struggles we faced and still do today. It should be compulsory to learn in school and the community.”

— Gumbaynggirr, Dunghutti and Wiradjuri young person

"It made me feel proud to be an Aboriginal girl and proud of my culture."

— Dhungatti young person

“That things in the past are still happening today to a degree, and that I needed to stand up, protest, something anything.”

— Ngunnawal young person

We are calling on students, community members, educators and school leaders to join us in pushing for all young people to Learn Our Truth.

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