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We are calling on Principals, School Leaders and Educators to take the pledge to teach First Nations histories in school.


Take The Pledge

I am making the pledge for my school to teach and learn true First Nations histories so that all young people can shape the future from a place of common ground and understanding.

I pledge to: 

  • Lead my school to acknowledge, respect and learn about the history of First Nations People on whose land my school is located, and to reflect on what continuing Indigenous sovereignty means in our community today;
  • Support educators with professional development opportunities to safely teach Australian history (including truth of colonisation and its influence on nation-making) and support further learning about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives and experiences;
  • Ensure all school improvement and curriculum plans include the cross-curriculum priority area of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures, with a focus on the History curriculum content descriptors and elaborations;
  • Engage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students at my school to regularly give feedback on their experiences learning history in a culturally safe and responsive manner;
  • Build a school culture where teachers and students proudly honour Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders histories, knowledges and experiences.


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